With $4,000 in the bank, Louis Thurmond “Culp” Krueger filed an Application for a New Standard Broadcast Station Construction Permit with the Federal Communications Commission on January 8, 1947. 

Joining Culp in realizing his dream of giving the Rice Belt its first local radio station were Lafayette Lionel Duckett, Charles Coppage Ingram, J. Edward Johnson and Ross Bohannon.  Together they formed Wharton County Broadcasting Company.
Since Culp owned 60% of the company, all that needed to be done was to change the letter “C” to a “K” (required by the FCC), and KULP was born.  
On Monday March 13, 1948, KULP signed on the air at 1390 on the AM dial. And that’s the way it’s been KULP has never skipped a beat. (MORE)
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